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Fda Briefing Document Nda 200063 Contrave (Naltrexone 4Mg, 8Mg/Bupropion Hcl 90Mg Extended Release Tablet) Sponsor: Orexigen Therapeutics Inc. Evaluation Of The Impact Of A Depo-Naltrexone Pellet Inserted At Time Of Heroin Detoxification Upon A 30-Day Addiction Relapse Rates.

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Naltrexone is an opioid receptor antagonist. It blocks narcotic painkillers from reaching their intended target, causing such painkillers to lose their effectiveness until the effect of the Naltrexone wears off. Since people appear to vary widely in their ability to metabolize LDN, Dr. Lenz currently suggests that you skip your nightly dose of Naltrexone a week before any medical or dental procedure is scheduled during or subsequent to which opioid painkillers are to be used or prescribed. Discontinuing LDN for a week might cause some loss of ground in terms of the condition for which a person is taking LDN, but apparently resuming LDN after that period at one'S usual dose does not cause a significant return of unpleasant side effects. The body has already become accustomed to the drug.

Naltrexone is an opioid antagonist that is traditionally used and approved to treat drug (Opioid) addiction and for the treatment of alcohol addiction.At very high doses.

The six-month trial involved 69 heroin users. Fifty-four completed the trial. Of the 28 participants who received a naltrexone tablet, 15 returned to regular heroin use. Of the 26 people who received a naltrexone implant, just two returned to heroin use.

La naltr xone n' Tait pas sup rieure aux benzodiaz pines ni a la bupr norphine concernant le maintien dans le traitement, l'Abstinence et les effets secondaires. Les r sultats proviennent d' Tudes isol es.

At higher doses, the combination of disulfiram and alcohol can lead to serious reactions that can include symptoms such as.

This medicine blocks the "High" Feeling you get from narcotic (Opioid) drugs, including heroin. Since naltrexone injection may make you more sensitive to lower doses of opioids than you have previously used, you should not use heroin or any other narcotic drugs to overcome what the medicine is doing. You could overdose and develop serious problems.

Address reprint requests to Dr. Kosten at Veterans Affairs Connecticut Healthcare System, Psychiatry 151D, 950 Campbell Ave., Bldg. 35, West Haven, CT 06516, or at .

The proprietary Medisorb drug delivery technology utilized in VIVITROL allows the medication to be gradually released into the body at a controlled rate over a one-month time period, providing patients with convenient monthly dosing, which alleviates the need for patients to make daily medication decisions.

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